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Calisseum adds value to people’s lives by fostering inclusive local communities built around positive group experiences. We have developed a full range of holistic, calisthenics-based training services that enable individuals of any age and physical ability to restore their body’s natural movement, correct strength imbalances and learn new skills to enhance their overall well-being.

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Calisseum works with local PT’s and Local Authorities to deliver 1st Rep community calisthenics classes that affect positive long-term physical and mental health improvements in class participants across all generations of the family unit. 

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Calisseum partners with the NHS, Local Authority teams and Community Organisations to activate existing local authority infrastructure and deliver youth intervention and mental health services to individuals and groups. 

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corporate TRAINING

Calisseum delivers holistic training workshops that optimise organisational performance. We improve the overall health and productivity of entire teams by teaching individuals the relationship between their physiology and psychology.

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Calisseum partners with the world's leading manufacturer of outdoor calisthenics gym equipment and trusted local groundwork contractors to design and install outdoor gym facilities that leave a lasting physical legacy for communities. 

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