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Calisseum works in partnership with government departments, local authorities and brands to create opportunities in employment, education and enterprise through calisthenics. If you are a qualified PT, youth worker or community organisation that shares our vision of building healthier communities, get in touch and join the movement as a facilitator for any of our community initiatives below.

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Calisseum provides qualified PT’s and local community organisations with an easy to follow framework to start delivering our 1st Rep programme in partnership with their Local Authority. 

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YOUTH engagement

Calisseum works with NHS and Local Authority teams to engage young people with our Built 4 It programme, enable them to find purpose, overcome challenges and shine on the most important stage of all - LIFE.

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Calisseum are developing our Built 4 It programme to build healthier prison communities and provide ex-offenders with employment opportunities that enable them to turn their back on crime after release. 

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Calisseum offer a referral commission scheme for introductions of public or private development projects that lead to successful installations of outdoor calisthenics gyms. 

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