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Calisseum has partnered with some of the world's leading health and fitness brands to create a full suite of online courses that guide you through the key calisthenics principles of building mobility, strength and skill. From your first mobility stretch to the fabled planche, we’ve got you covered with step by step tutorials and resources. Join the movement and download a course soon! 

Gravity - Courses.png


Working in partnership with our friends at Gravity Fitness, we’ve developed a handy Mobility eBook to help beginners restore their body’s natural movement and build a great foundation on which to start their calisthenics journey. 

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mobility, strength, skill: calisthenics

We believe that barefoot living is a crucial component of total body mastery. Working with our partners Vivobarefoot, we have developed a comprehensive calisthenics training programme for calisthenics athletes of all abilities. 

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train the trainer

Calisseum are proud to continue partnering with GymBox who have worked with us to develop a comprehensive calisthenics training programme for PT’s that will enable us to create more opportunities for people from our communities,

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